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Motorcycle Riding (Latin: equitantes moto or English: Moto - Ridin, thus is something that can be rather extreme in many respects, danger, relaxation, excitement, which encompasses many personalities and cultures. Bringing people together through competition, unity, and above all else fun! The hope of this site is, with news, reviews, and video, to pass on that excitement with up to date with the latest from motorcycling around the world.



I've been involved riding motorcycles for the majority of my life, fueled by an early introduction at age 3 by my uncle on his '85 CR250. From that time on I've been fortunate enough to ride through trails and woods on that same uncle's dairy ranch located on the border of Sonoma County. I definitely have an affinity for the simplicity and power to weight ratio provided by a two-stroke motor, but I've never passed an opportunity to ride just about anything.


Jump to age 23 and I bought my first street bike for $600 dollars. I bet you can guess what bike it may have been, the perfect beginner's bike! A neglected, barn stabled, 2003 Ninja 250 in all its classic Kawi lime green glory, attached to a muzzy exhaust that did about as good a job muffling the sound as a wet paper towel roll. I proceeded to drop it three times, did all the maintenance, learning all along the way, and put nearly 30,000 miles on it in two years before selling it for $1,200.


A very long depressing year after selling the Ninja I finally bought a 2002 CBR F4i, knowing that I wanted something fuel injected, mid-sized engine wise, and could put on lots of miles in relative comfort. Learned a lot, rode a lot, trekked to Laguna Seca for MotoGP and WSBK. Most importantly in that 6 years of ownership, it allowed me to enjoy the amazing roads and scenery that we have here just north of San Francisco.


The majority of my working background consists of playing with technology. I've always been interested in figuring out the nuts and bolts of hardware around me and then relaying my passion to others who might be interested. Up till the end of 2017, I worked at a small video/podcast studio called TWiT (aka This Week in Tech) where I was a video editor, content producer, technical director, and on-camera host of a DIY show called "KnowHow". During that time I also produced many product review videos of things like laptops, cell phones, and more. Majority of the time I would type up a review, record video on my own, narrate, and edit it all together. It taught me a lot about writing my thoughts out for publishing.


But by far my favorite was reviewing the all-electric Zero DS. It perfectly combined my passion for going fast, with some of the latest technology in motorcycling.


In the and, I love motorcycles, riding, the people, and experiences that passion has made available to me



A Blog created with loving care for everything on 2 wheels.

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